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I’m working on a continuation of my Holiday post series, but in the meantime dance and Russian lessons, as well as my typical tutoring, have really taken most of my weekly time.

But!! I have been writing. I recently started writing for the official Teach and Learn with Georgia blog. You can view my first post here: https://teachandlearnwithgeorgia.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/just-dance/. All about my love, and strange experiences, with Georgian Traditional Dance. Many of my friends are also writing on this blog, so you can read about there experiences to get a better idea for TLG as a program. I highly recommend Nathan’s post, From the Window of a Moving Train.

I promise I’ll have more posts soon, but currently, I’m preparing for the arrival of my mother and Aunt! More stories to come!

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Here are some excellent sites I’ve come across recently either for those interested in teaching in Georgia or just interested in Georgian politics.






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